Wastewater Treatment Master Class

Training in the Design & Operation of Wastewater Treatment Processes

STP-ETP-ZLD Training

27-28 May 2024

in Vadodara

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Process Design

You will be learning the design of wastewater treatment processes


You will be learning the design methodologies for water recycling


You will learn an essential & relevant underlying principles of engineering


Learn the from the training having 45 years of experience in commissioning

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This program will show you how to carry out the key steps in the process design of all kinds of wastewater treatment, recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants. It will provide an essential refresher on the relevant underlying principles of engineering science, water chemistry and biology, together with rules of thumb commonly used by experienced practitioners. The participants will also receive specific advice on wastewater recycle and zero liquid discharge systems and related issues such as oil & grease removal, disinfection systems, sludge management, etc.

The Organiser

Academy of Water Science – AOWS  is inviting you to avail this value-added opportunity to enhance your knowledge of wastewater treatment design & operation by participating in Wastewater Master  Class: Classroom Training on Design & Operation of Various Wastewater Treatment Processes for STP-ETP-ZLD on the above-scheduled dates. This Training Program will benefit professionals involved in all aspects of wastewater treatment, design, operation, planning and management. Kindly go through the details below and nominate delegates from your organization.  


This 2-day program on Process Design, Planning for execution and Commissioning of WWTPs will bring together the design of wastewater treatment processes, sludge treatment selection and design of physical, chemical
and biological treatment processes, and design methodologies for water recycling. Our Guest Trainer,
Mr Yogen Parikh having more than 47 years of experience is among the top wastewater instructors in India.
Mr. Parikh is a consultant, designer and training instructor for wastewater treatment plants for many

Topics to be covered

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
• Basic understanding of Waste waters
• Basic concept of ETP & STP designing
• Preliminary Treatment Processes – Screening,De-griting
• Oil Removal, Equalization & Neutralization

Primary Treatment Processes
• Coagulation & Flocculation, Sedimentation
• Chemical Dosing
• Primary Clarification

Secondary Treatment Processes
• Introduction to Biological Treatment processes
• Aerobic Treatment: Activated sludge process,
Extended Aeration, MBBR, SBR, MBR, Nitrification & Denitrification
• Anaerobic Treatment: UASBR, CSTR

Tertiary Treatment Processes
• Filtration, Disinfection, etc.
• Chemical Treatment
• Membrane Processes: UF, RO
• Multiple Effect Evaporator
• Zero Liquid Discharge

Sludge Treatment
• Sludge Dewatering Systems
• Sludge Digestion

Planning for Execution & Commissioning
• Layout
• Hydraulic Profile
• Construction Drawings
• Turnkey Execution or Split Contracts
• Pre commissioning Checks
• Commissioning

Trouble shooting
Case Studies
Question / Answer

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes the study material in PDF, Video & Printed Text material will be provided


Yes you will get  Soft copy on  completion of training


No , not included in this fee , can be arranged for out station participants on extra payable basis

Is there any post training support ?

Yes Participants will be included in post support group  

How to book my seat ?

You can online link given in this page , if have trouble contact us at +91 9227438951

Can i make career in wastewater Management ?

Yes, in fact its a most emerging industry having lot of  demand of skilled professionals technicians

Limited seats only